Teach a class

Are you interested in helping adults with disabilities create works of art? Come volunteer with us. 

Teach a one-day workshop (4-hr commitment).  Or you can teach a  8 or 16 week class once a week and curate a show with 6 students and you have the opportunity to display your art in the show along side your students. If you're interested, contact Jacob Allio, Studio Manager to set up a time to meet jallio@sbartworks.org

Current offer 


We offer shared studio space to artists in the Santa Barbara community 


Currently we are offering 8 hours per week of studio use for up to 4 weeks at $200 a month (32 hrs total).  Available hours to co-create are Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 4:00PM only and certain rooms are not available, because we have classes 5 days a week from 10am-2pm.


Please contact Jacob Allio, Studio Manager, for more info at jallio@sbartworks.org.