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Joe Haake   5x7 momentum no text.jpg

Artist Bio

Joe was born with cerebral palsy, but Joe does not let this hold him back.  He creates art simply because it is fun and didn’t know he would be interested in art until Momentum WORK, Inc. started the art program.  At the time, Joe was not happy with his day-to-day routine, so he chose to attend an art class and his skills have taken off from there.


Joe cannot paint very long with his hands, because it can be painful, so he primarily paints using an adaptive mouthpiece tool to hold his brush.


Joe has completed two dog portraits, as well as several landscape pieces. One of his landscapes is hanging in the offices of Tri-Counties Regional Center. Joe is currently working on a series of paintings that have to do with overcoming his fear of dogs and rain.  He is working through it and proud of his accomplishments.  


When Joe is not creating art, he takes acting classes at SBCC and has taken part in a few performances. He also volunteers at Storyteller Children's Center.

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