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John Houston 5x7 momentum no text.jpg

John Houston

John was born in Berkeley, California, and learned to draw from his mother. For John, it’s not all about technique, but more about storytelling.  He takes people from different periods of his life and juxtaposes them together in a scene.  A person he knew 20 years ago could be having breakfast with someone he just met today.


John wants people to know about his life and focuses on little details by illustrating them in his art. He is inspired by the people in his life, as well as, seashells, model airplanes, books, jigsaw puzzles, cactus, buildings, and astronomy.


For most of John’s life, he drew with crayons, colored pencils, and pens on whatever paper he could find. But over the past two years, John has painted in watercolor, mixed-media and acrylics. 

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