An artist studio-gallery-school with a primary goal of helping artists with disabilities, create, exhibit, and sell their work. Secondly, we are an integrative community  space for local artists to collaborate on exhibits, teach classes, and create works of art.


Making Art Work
for Artists with Disabilities

We specialize in helping artists through the process of learning.  We are part of UCP WORK, Inc., a service provider for adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and we provide art instruction and adaptable art techniques for 15 resident artists with disabilities.  Classes and workshops are taught to our resident artists five days a week in painting, ceramics, mixed media, watercolor.


Santa Barbara Art Works is open to the public and welcomes people of all abilities to come and collaborate with our 15 resident artists.  In addition, we provide art studio space on a membership plan for local artists from the Santa Barbara area.


Public Art Shows

The Santa Barbara Art Works art shows are an opportunity for the public to see art from artists in the process of finding their voice in the art world.  We will be participating in Downtown's First Thursday events throughout the year.  Check the Special Events Calendar for upcoming art shows!

Encouraging creativity and professional growth for aspiring artists with disabilities.



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