Due to COVID-19, Santa Barbara Art Works is temporarily CLOSED.  We hope to update you soon with a date in which we will resume art classes and re-open the gallery to public viewing. Thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time.


Who We Are:

Santa Barbara Art Works is an artist studio-gallery with a primary goal of helping artists with disabilities create, show, and sell their work.  Secondly, we are an integrative community space for local artists to collaborate on exhibits, teach classes, and create works of art.


Santa Barbara Art Works hopes to break down barriers for people with disabilities, so that its participants are encouraged everyday, working towards finding their artistic voice and employment opportunities in the arts industry. 


We specialize in helping Santa Barbara artists through the process of learning by providing art instruction and adaptable art techniques for 30 resident artists with developmental disabilities.  Classes are taught Monday - Friday in painting, ceramics, drawing, mixed media, and watercolors. 

Santa Barbara Art Works welcomes artists from the community to collaborate on exhibits with our artists.  In addition, we provide art studio space on a membership plan for local artists residing and working in the Santa Barbara area.  Please contact our Studio Manager, Jacob Allio, for more information about opportunities for local artists, at jallio@sbartworks.org

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Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday / 8:30AM - 4:30PM
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