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The Children's Adaptive Arts Program (CAAP), is a children's art workshop developed for children and teens, grades K-12, enrolled in special education classes throughout the Tri-Counties. There is no fee to sign-up and accessible transportation is offered by Momentum WORK, Inc.  Their mission is to promote art education and inclusion for learners with disabilities, and to specialize in the advancement of varying art skills with the introduction of 3D printed adapted art tools, when needed.

We encourage parents involved in support groups or co-ops to participate, too. 

Arts programs for children with disabilities benefit in many way, including: 

  • Building fine motor and problem solving skills. 

  • Enhancing communication and expression.

  • Promoting self-esteem and motivation to succeed.

  • Better prepare children with disabilities for life, work and post-secondary education.

CAAP is available on a monthly basis at Santa Barbara Art Works' downtown studio-gallery. The program is an outlet for expression and creativity that enhances learning and self-esteem, as well as, an opportunity for kids with disabilities to feel integrated into their community.  In addition, art education can help bring joy and provide motivation for struggling students to stay in school.  "Many of the kids come to the program never having made any type of art before.  The goal of our program is to do less hand-over-hand prompting and just allow kids to explore," says Studio Manager, Jacob Allio. 

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