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How are we structured?

Santa Barbara Art Works is a business venture of Momentum WORK, Inc., a 501C(3) non-profit organization, serving adults with disabilities.  The studio is managed by an established art instructor, with an assistant manager/art instructor, as well as an additional instructor and community volunteers.  All of the staff are employed by Momentum WORK, Inc. 

How are we funded? 

Momentum WORK, Inc,. Is funded by the State of California to provide services to adults with disabilities, and this accounts for close to 90% of the agency revenue.  The balance of funding is from donations and foundation grants.  The Santa Barbara Art Works income is generated from the sale of original art and art products (t-shirts, notecards, ceramics and jewelry), and community support (public foundations, gifts, individual and business contributions, and fundraising events.


Where does the money go?

Proceeds from sales of original art are shared equally by the studio artists and Santa Barbara Art Works. Santa Barbara Art Works’ share is used to frame work for exhibitions, event marketing and promotions, classroom art supplies and equipment needs. 

How are contributions used?
Your money may be used to fund Santa Barbara Art Works’ art classes, field trips, or a group art project. Donations may also be directed toward purchasing high-quality art supplies, equipment, exhibition expenses, such as framing supplies, and marketing brochures and invitations.