Volunteer Increases Student Participation for Character Drawing Class

Welcome Chris Miles, the newest Volunteer Art Instructor at Santa Barbara Art Works (SBAW). Chris currently volunteers once a week for five hours, teaching a 12-week "Character Drawing" Class to the resident artists at the studio. According to Jacob Allio, SBAW Studio Manager, "this new class has been a great addition to the courses offered at Santa Barbara Art Works, with increased participation by several students, such as Kyle Allan, who typically prefers to work independently. Kyle and many other students have shown up to Chris’ Character Drawing Class with enthusiasm and a strong interest to learn. Plus, the students find it fun having a new teacher to interact with in the studio."

3D Printing Impacts Lives of Artists with Disabilities

Did you know that 3D Printing is a revolutionary and innovative way to impact the lives of people with developmental disabilities? By using technology, 3D printers have the versatility to produce a number of adaptive art tools that are designed to help people with fine motor difficulties both inside and outside the arts studio. Santa Barbara Art Works studio-gallery, part of the UCP WORK, Inc. family of services, does not currently own 3D printers. Its staff are using crude adaptive art tools for their resident artists with disabilities that are not effective in creating independence. For example, Joe in the photo to the left, an artist with cerebral palsy, currently uses a paintbrush attach

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