3D Printing Impacts Lives of Artists with Disabilities

Did you know that 3D Printing is a revolutionary and innovative way to impact the lives of people with developmental disabilities? By using technology, 3D printers have the versatility to produce a number of adaptive art tools that are designed to help people with fine motor difficulties both inside and outside the arts studio.

Santa Barbara Art Works studio-gallery, part of the UCP WORK, Inc. family of services, does not currently own 3D printers. Its staff are using crude adaptive art tools for their resident artists with disabilities that are not effective in creating independence. For example, Joe in the photo to the left, an artist with cerebral palsy, currently uses a paintbrush attached to a mouthpiece to paint, and he needs consistent support. By utilizing 3D printer technology, Joe would be given the gift of a custom-designed hand-held adaptive art tool to further develop his creativity and fulfill his desire for independence.

3D Printer Sponsorships Available!

Gold Canvas $5,000


-Recognition within Santa Barbara Art Works studio-gallery exhibition area.

-Recognition in marketing print material for bi-monthly Art Exhibits.

-Recognition in bi-monthly e-newsletter, press releases, web and social media.

-Option to distribute business print material in exhibition space.