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Integrated & Adaptive Arts Program for Santa Barbara Youth at Inclusive Downtown Arts Studio

UCP WORK, Inc. is thrilled to announce that the agency has been gifted a generous community grant!

Funding will go towards program support for Santa Barbara Art Works' Fall 2020 Children’s Adaptive Arts Program (CAAP), the agency's arts studio-gallery for artists with disabilities.

This creative and integrated enrichments program is available for students with disabilities from local Tri-Counties schools, ages K-12, to attend art workshops in our downtown Santa Barbara arts studio on a rotating basis. In each month's class, students will be offered hands-on art projects and may be mentored by resident artist in the program. Adaptive art tools made from 3D technology are available for students needing gross-motor support. Field trips to neighboring landmarks, such as the Santa Barbara Courthouse, may be scheduled at times, for students to paint outside. Additionally, accessible transportation to and from the art studio will be provided by UCP WORK, Inc. (scheduled in advance).

Arts programs designed for children with disabilities benefit in many ways, including:

  1. Building fine motor and problem solving skills.

  2. Enhancing communication and expression.

  3. Promoting self-esteem and motivation to succeed.

  4. Better prepare children with disabilities for life, work and post-secondary education.

UCP WORK, Inc. looks forward to expanding its CAAP program in the Fall of 2020, when students and school administrators have hopefully returned from COVID-19 closures. In the meantime, we invite Santa Barbara County Schools and Special Education programs to participate in CAAP, by contacting the Studio Manager at Santa Barbara Art Works, Jacob Allio, at The Children's Adaptive Arts Program is on a pre-reservation basis only, please schedule in advance.

Thank you again to our community donor for providing a grant to help UCP WORK, Inc. continue its creative, inclusive, life-enriching program for children with disabilities.


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