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Blind Artist Uses Touch and Texture to Depict Classic Hymns

Artist, Joseph Colunga, inside his art studio at Santa Barbara Art Works creating a 3D collage by adding organic objects found from his home.
Artist Joseph Colunga

Artist, Joseph Colunga, from Santa Barbara, California, handmakes three-dimensional forms and collage utilizing printed music, wired armature, and paper mâché. Also incorporating items found from nature such as sand and rocks, Colunga applies translated Braille hymns to canvas to help describe his work to individuals like himself that are non-sighted.

Opening July 6, 2023, at Santa Barbara Art Works gallery, 28 E. Victoria Street, Blessed Assurance is a collection of mixed-media artwork and spiritual representation by Colunga.

Collage, acrylic paint, printed hymns on paper, Braille, gesso, and sand on canvas.
Blessed Assurance by Joseph Colunga

His work is inspired by 19th century Christian hymnist and poet, Fanny Crosby, who was blind from infancy and once stated, "When I get to heaven, the first face that shall ever gladden my sight will be that of my Savior."

Exhibition and Open House from 5:00-8:00PM; Event is free and open to the public. To learn more about the gallery’s mission and 25 resident artists, follow us on social media at

Collage painting, Braille, paper, sand, gesso on canvas.
Collage Artwork by Joseph Colunga

About Us:

Santa Barbara Art Works is an inclusive and accessible studio, gallery, and retail location for aspiring artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn and exhibit their work. Santa Barbara Art Works is under the family of services of non-profit organization, Momentum WORK, Inc.


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